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Advantages of Car Key Chains with a Panic Button

Advantages of Car Key Chains with a Panic Button

panic alarm
Car key chain panic alarm

A panic alarm involves the intentional activation of a device designed to alert the receiving station that an emergency or life-threatening situation is taking place. It is similar to the anti-robbery alarm, but without indicating that a robbery is taking place.

The purpose of the panic alarm is to allow a person under duress to request assistance quickly and silently .Panic buttons are used when it is risky or unsafe to request help in another way. For example, if an aggressive person is in the lobby of the company, it is not a good idea to make a phone call for assistance. For the safety of employees, the panic button can provide a quick and convenient way to request help without attracting attention.

As regards seniors, the loss of autonomy is an important issue that must be treated with the utmost respect and seriousness. Today, many people are too quick to think of radical solutions when their parents are starting to lose some autonomy, but there are alternative ways to help retirees and seniors stay in their homes. One of these solutions is the Panic Button. Although this name sounds alarmist, the panic button is actually a device that sells in various forms, including keychain and that serves the elderly to stay at home safely. One of such great products is the Ariza mini self-defense panic alarm keychain for women and the elderly.

How does it work?
As regards the Ariza mini self-defense panic alarm, it comes as a car keychain and can be activated in various situations. For example, if your mother falls, a security center will be immediately notified and will send help as soon as possible.

The panic keychain can also be activated in case of inactivity or remote movement, as needed. It, therefore, offers great flexibility. In order to show you the usefulness of such a device and how it could be interesting for you, here are four advantages provided by the Ariza mini self-defense panic alarm keychain for women and the elderly.

How does it work?
How does key chain panic alarm work

1. To keep a safe autonomy
For many children, seeing their parents lose their means is a cause for concern. They do not want to upset the environment and lifestyle of their parents, but they also want them to be safe. This is why a panic alarm keychain can be the ideal device. Your parents will benefit from all the autonomy they had before and will be permanently safe thanks to the car keychain. If they fall, have discomfort or anything else, the plant will be notified and will immediately send the emergency services. It allows seniors to stay safer at home and maintain a better quality of life.

2. Ideal in case of a health problem
The emergency button on the car keychain can also be used in case of a health problem that the car keychain cannot detect automatically. For example, if you feel dizzy or nauseated, an emergency button that activates with a touch will immediately alert the control panel. Your car keychain is equipped with a communication system which alerts a specialist in real time and with this, you will be reassured that emergency services are on the way.

3. Your family will be notified automatically
For children who are worried about never being aware of the condition of their parents, be aware that a car keychain with a panic button usually allows the central to send a message to the family of the person directly when a fall or incident occurs. You will always be aware of your parent’s condition and will be notified if anything ever happens!

4. Customizable panic alarm as needed
What is very interesting with key chains with a panic button is that they are fully customizable according to the needs of the user. You can choose different options that will vary prices to fit your budget. For example, you can choose voice-activated panic alarms that detect falls, detect motionlessness, resist water, and more. In addition, it is sometimes even more advantageous to combine different offers to get a better piece.

In conclusion, panic alarms such as the Ariza mini self-defense panic alarm keychain for women and the elderly are an ideal choice for all who desire the best as regards on spot security. This is easily achievable due to the fact that it emits a silent signal to warn the security company that something is happening on the spot, and thus trigger the police, firemen or other contacts indicated by the client.

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