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Advantages of Water Leakage Detectors

Advantages of Water Leakage Detectors

Water leak detector
Water leak detection alarm

Whoever looks for water leaks knows how difficult this task is. For this reason, there is a device capable of detecting water leaks in metal or plastic pipes; popularly called a water leak detector and its operation is based on the use of ultrasound.

A water leak detector is an electronic device that has the ability to detect a possible leak in a pipe that is not visible to the naked eye or is below a masonry or coating. These devices base their operation on the use of ultrasound that emits the same device and receives through acoustic sensors. The ultrasound emitted by the detector equipment bounce off the surface to be evaluated; Depending on how the sound sensors detect the rebound, it will be possible to evaluate the possible leakage or not of a liquid.

Its major use is in the detection of the origin of a moisture. There are great models of water leakage detectors today, and one of such is the ABS Plastics Water Leak Detector which comes with great functions which ensure accurate precision when it comes to finding the exact place where the leakage is.

If you notice an abnormal excessiveness in your water consumption, it may be a leak. To verify and locate it in order to react as quickly as possible, the best solution is to get yourself a leak detector.

The water leak detector is created to detect any abnormal presence of water or any other liquid. The user is therefore warned of the imminent risk of flooding when the device emits a warning signal.

The water leak detector can be installed in rooms at risk of flood such as toilets, bathroom, kitchen, laundry, or anywhere else.

water leakage sensor
Water leakage sensor

Operating principle

Depending on the model, the water leak detector can alert the user if water is present at ground level:

  • By emitting a radio frequency warning signal via a probe connected to a control panel. The range can be up to 300m.
  • By sending a message by phone or email to the user if this device is designed for this type of operation. A flood rate is detected as soon as the probe and the housing are in contact with the liquid.
  • By triggering an alarm signal when the housing is immersed in a few millimeters of water.


The water leak detector is very useful in any type of habitat, but also in some business premises. It intervenes on two levels:

  • Alert to allow an immediate reaction.
  • To limit the risks of flood and thus to avoid:

o    Loss of furniture and other property;

o    Degradations of building elements;

o    The proliferation of molds;

o    An ecological damage since a flood causes the waste of thousands of cubic meters of water;

o    An economic loss: you should know that a water leak can result in a bill of several hundred dollars or more.

The main advantage of the water leak detector with a good warning system such as the ABS Plastics Water Leak Detector is that it can provide a prompt warning for the user or his neighbor if he is away from home.

In conclusion, water damage is the most common domestic disaster all over the world today, as there are between 500,000 to 1 million cases each year. Apart from natural disasters, domestic floods are most often due to a failure or rupture of the pipes, causing a major water leak. This is not always detectable at first glance, and it is not always possible to anticipate it. With a water leak detector, you can be totally protected from the risks of flooding.

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